Friday, July 24, 2009

Quote of the Week

Love Pictures, Images and Photos


We've become strangers; but we're strangers with a past

relates to many people in my life [i know sad lol]

Running Away Pictures, Images and Photos

boy hates girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Type Dual Sometimes

so lately life has kinda been dual [lol]. i mean work takes up about all of my energy & time but i do chill wit my besties & family alot as well. but i still feel like somthing major is missing & i cant quite put my finger on it. it can be anything from the fact that im not cool wit alot of people cuz i could care less about their b.s., the drama they bring, or i just got tired of them. watever it is; its startin to get o my nerves lol.

so here is some random photography that i just thought was awesome [im bored ok lol].

color splash Pictures, Images and Photos

color splash Pictures, Images and Photos

COLOR SPLASH tutu Pictures, Images and Photos

color splash Pictures, Images and Photos

Color Splash Bubble Pictures, Images and Photos

just some color splash pic that i completely love

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday spent @ Dorney Park

hey bloggers!!! i know its been awhile but my weekend was awesome. saturday we went 2 dorney park [an amusement park in pennsylvania that everybody goes 2]. the rides there are awesome & you get to ride dry and wet rides for the same price [not the case if you go to six flag]. so of course alot of stuff when down but of course im not gonna go into details. so here we go: one of my aunt, all her grandkids almost drowned in some type of way, they lost 2 of them in the waterpark, i saw a black & spanish lady almost fight, & this black family was beasting 4 cinnabuns & cut infront of me [sorry to say but some black people are just idiots]. so my camera is still broke so i found other picks from the site with som of the rides i got on [which were awesome if i might add again lol]

Talon rollercoaster Pictures, Images and Photos

best ride Pictures, Images and Photos

Possessed roller coaster at Dorney Park Pictures, Images and Photos

thats just a few lol

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Hair Style

hey bloggers!!! long time no talk lol. so yesterday i got my hair braided & its super tight. 1st i got there at like 9 but the lady didnt get there till 10. then she says i gotta pay my rent be back & doesnt come back till 11. im like omg for real. so she finally starts on my head & then we thought we heard gun shots like omg i forgot i was in the middle of the hood for a moment. so she finished by like 3 oclock & this is the finish product.