Monday, August 31, 2009

New Moon [November 20,2009]

heybloggers!!! life has not been all that great but i will live lol. the day to remember is NOVEMBER 20,2009. this is the day new moon comes out in theaters!!!! [yes i am one of those crazy girls that is obsessed with the stars of the movie lmao]. soooo here are some pics & the trailers that have been released so far.

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos



Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Strong Woman vs. A Woman of Strength

A strong woman works out every day,
Pride in her appearance she portrays,
But a woman of strength kneels to pray,
Keeping her soul in shape, God leading the way.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything,
Looking forward to challenges each day will bring,
Women of strength show courage in the midst of fear,
Knowing triumph through faith because the Lord is near.

Strong women won't let anyone get the best of them,
So skilled in defense even if they have to pretend,
Yet a woman of strength gives her best to everyone,
Being anointed with divine blood from the only begotten Son.

A strong woman relies on the physical attributes making her tough,
In her search for power and money she will never have enough,
A woman of strength understands that it’s not about material stuff,
Knowing that before becoming a diamond first she’ll be in the rough,

A strong woman sometimes disguises her feelings shadowed by clouds,
Unhinged when challenged on her policy becoming boisterous and loud,
A woman of strength concerns herself not with judgment from others,
And will not let business interfere with commitments as a wife and mother.

A strong woman is easily impatient back and forth she will begin to pace,
Counting on her holier than thou attitude instead of depending on faith,
A woman of strength is assured trust in God will always carry her through,
And at the Creator’s appointed time she’ll receive all that is justly due.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same for tomorrow,
Refusing to take time looking back with reverence and Godly sorrow,
The woman of strength realizes life's mistakes no matter how slim,
While thanking God for the blessings as she capitalizes on them.

A strong woman walks head first with no doubt in her mind,
Again, no matter what, she’ll not make this mistake a second time,
But a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls,
So when a situation arises again, she’s not afraid to answer the call.

A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face,
Always doing whatever it takes to finish, seeking only first place,
The woman of strength competes with an emotional sense of grace,
Understanding it’s more important to run a Holy Spirit filled race.

A strong woman has faith that for the journey she’ll have enough,
No matter how uneven the terrain or roads being rocky and rough,
A woman of strength knows it’s in the journey she will become strong,
And the love of God is forever with her, no matter how difficult or long.

A strong woman when uninformed thinks that she is being mistreated,
In the end her physical attributes fail causing doubt to become seeded,
A woman of strength will compromise as a little give and take is needed,
Why? Because a lesson not learned the first time is soon to be repeated.

By: Luke Easter & Dee Cheeks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mean Girls of CAMP YDP

hey bloggers!!! so everybody pretty much knows i work with children. i love my job but of course i have people who dont like me [it never fails like every summer]. so me & coworker silvia have formed alittle group. we call ourselves the MEAN GIRLS. of course me & silvia are the leaders. & we have followers too lmao. my boo's sharita & isaiah. they cant stand the chic or the dude either & their life purpose this summer was 2 torture both of them. the chic was almost drowned in the duck pond the kids are forced to swim in, she has had so much happen to her this summer but she still dont understand that the plotting on her [wat a loser]. she thinks everybody loves her but think again little girl [they actually cant stand her but of course she doesnt see that]. they have gonna the dude [my ex bestie] a couple of times & i find it so amusing. so here is a pic of my homegirl silvia [we taking over camp ydp on the DL lmao].




its kinda small but me & silvia eating out with all the coworkers [my head looks so weird & im so dark lmao]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer 09 [to be continued lol]


summer 09 is almost over :::sigh::: this summer was awesome & i cant wait till next summer when i will finally by 21. [next week i will do a summer 09 blog lol]

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Imitation is Suicide

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i gotta vent on originality. i dont understand these chics now-a-days. you hate me, you do stuff to aggravate me but yet the following week or lately the same week you come with some type of product that mimick [you know what im talking about lol] mine. i dont get lol. if you hate me then hate me & my products. dont rock them like you had it first o cuz believe me you look a mess. i mean like my fashion style is not the best so when i do look nice dont copy [let me feel special for alittle bit lol]. ok i think im done venting lol.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

New song [Mary J Blige: Stronger]

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hey bloggers!!!! new song that im obsessed with is Mary J. Blige: Stronger. every day when i play the radio for my kiddies this song comes on & of course i do not turn cuz mary is the best. i do not have someone to call my own yet but this song is the best.

Stronger - Mary J. Blige

[Verse 1:]
We've been through the storm,
We've been through it all
We had some close calls,
But never would fall
We climbed all the mountains,
Walked through all the valleys,
And you never left me behind

I found my way through the clouds,
No more running scared and closing my eyes
I will be true, this love from my heart,
I'm laying my life on the line

Oh I will survive,
As long as it's you by my side
I will survive,
As long as it's you by my
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger

[Verse 2:]
They said we wouldn't make it,
But guess what, we made it
And deep down, I'm wondering how
You were always for me,
Never been the one to hurt me
You gave me peace of mind

I found my way through the clouds,
No more running scared and closing my eyes
I will be true, this love from my heart,
I'm laying my life on the line

Oh I will survive,
As long as it's you by my side
I will survive,
As long as it's you by my side
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger

Sometimes I can't believe,
That you are with me
There's nobody lucky as me
So I get on my knees,
To make sure that He
Knows that I'm grateful,
For what He gave me

I will survive

I will survive,
As long as it's you by my side
I will survive,
As long as it's you by my side
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger

Said I'm stronger with you babe
I will survive, with you by my side

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

Promise yourself to be strong. That nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Look at the sunnyside of eveything & make your optimism come true. Think only of the best, work only for the best, & expect only the best. Forget the mistakes of the past & press on to the great achievements of the future.

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