Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

hey bloggers!!! check this dance out from So You Think You Can Dance [season 5]. one of the many wonderful dances from the season. this is a hip hop dance to Neyo:Mad so check it out.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Saga

hey bloggers!!! i finally finished reading the Twilight Saga [written by: Stephenie Meyer.] I started in May and finish today. yayyyy!!!! lol [i know im obsessed]

Twilight Book Cover Pictures, Images and Photos


this book pretty much introduces you to all the characters. you meet bella & edward, the cullens, jacob, & of course the bad dudes[ one of them die].

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

New Moon

the Cullens leave & Bella is a mess. so Jacob is new hero but we also find out that his family tribe are werewolves. they kill one of the bad dudes that was in the first one. Bella starts doing risky stuff & edward thinks she is died so he tried to kill himself with the help of the Volturi [the head vamps]. they inform Edward that Bella needs to be turn over to a vamp or she must die.

eclipse cover Pictures, Images and Photos


so the bad dudette comes back & tries to kill Bella for killing the bad dude in the first one. the werewolves & vampires team up to fight the newborn vamps & evil dudette [can i also note that werewolves do not like vamps] they kill her & the Volturi show up [reminding them that Bella needs to be turned]

Breaking Dawn Cover Pictures, Images and Photos

Breaking Dawn

Bella & Edward get married, have a honeymoon [wwooooaaaahhhh!!!!] then bella gets pregnant lol. the baby is growing very fast & is draining all the strength from bella [breaking bones & everything]. bella begins to drink blood to survive but then its time for the baby to come. bella dies but edward injects her with venom and she is turned. bella is able to control herself which is not common. she had a girl who they name Rennesme [i think i spelled it right lol]. the volturi thinks its an immortal child so they come to kill her only to find out that she is human with vamp character risks [she will not age like normal children, super strength, & she is prefers blood but can eat human food] Hint: this the longest book lol

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Song [well one of them lol]

hey bloggers!!! so i have chosen a song for the summer. I will probably have more but i have one so far lol. its So Simple by Stacie Orrico. this song came out awhile ago but i love it so much cuz it describes how i feel and how happy & peaceful i am right about now. so here is the song with the lyrics under. [She has an actually video for it but the person block the code so this what i found]

"So Simple"

(It could all be so simple, simple)

Don't need high heels
For a good feel
You can keep the fancy clothes
I'll take walkin in the rain
Over things material
I'll trade Melrose and the big names
Give me faces that I know
Just play a melody that everybody knows

Take it down, down, down
And strip it to the core
I don't really need much less is more, more, more

True to life, true to me
The way it's got to be
So simple, so simple, so simple
Live to love, love to be
Absolutely free
(so simple, so simple, simple)

Give me wisdom, plain and truthful
Teach me somethin I don't know
Plain as education, inspiration I suppose (yeah yeah)
Give me family, on a Sunday
And I'll be just fine
There's nothing in the world
That's worth more of my time

Take it down, down, down
And strip it to the core
I don't really need much less is more, more, more


Livin my dream, is my song to the world
(let 'em hear it)
Sharin' my soul and spirit
I'm hopin that you hear it
Got one (one) life (life) to live (live)
It's only what you make it (make it)
Every new day's a chance worth takin


Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson [yea i kno im late lol]

i know im late but i gotta do it cuz i just love him so much.

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

video to come : Do You Remember the Times [my favorite lol]

Michael Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

007_wall_MJ Pictures, Images and Photos

Thriller - Michael Jackson


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trip to the Car Dealership

an old pic from valentine's day [me, silvia, & mcmillian]

hey bloggers!!! so here is another amazing type funny type ewwwwww moment of my summer 09. so today me & my buddies silvia & mcmillian went to her car dealership which is located in mahwah, jersey [about 30-40 mins depending on the flow of traffic]. so mcmillian hates driving on the highway so silvia drove but mcmullian was too busy trying to let us hear her boyfriends voice that we missed our u-turn. route 17 eventually runs into NY which sucks completely cuz u have 2 pay a toll after awhile [which none of us had enough to pay for lol] so we figured out where we were & did a u-turn before it was too late. then when we were done with the car dealership mcmillian decides she wanna do something crazy. so we pull up next to this car with an old dude & dudette in the car & she flashes them so now me & silvia are extremely embarrassed beyod belief. truly classic & creepy cuz she kinda fat so eeeewwwwwwww. lets see what elese happens this summer lmao.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mini vacation to Boston

hey bloggers!!! this jersey girl is definitely back after a restful weekend in boston, mass. [where i will be moving to in the near future] so my cousins & aunts have convinced me of moving there but i gotta wait till i graduate. so i plan to attend grad school in boston [where most likely my mom & grandma will follow] idk about my stepdad [i doubt he will be up for this but its watever] i cant wait to go back to visit. they have already promised me shopping & everybody knows a jersey girl lives 2 shop lol. i just chilled, sleep in late, laugh @ my cousin & aunt while they were drunk & eat more cookout food [can u say the perfect mini get-a-way when your stressed lol]. this mini vacation was just right & i feel well rested [u try working 7:30 to 6 wit a 2hr break wit crazy lil kids lol] bye bloggers!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous

my town is full of ghetto fabulous birds who think they are the ish [when they definitely arent]. so my job went to the land of make believe [a small amusement park geared towards small children] for the day. they have a water park & they are real strict about the dress code in the water area. so a lady with us decides that she wants to go swimming. she buys a pair of shorts & just takes her shirt off & goes on rides with just her bra. the sad part is that she is with her son & her so called boyfriend [he is fine with her walking around in just her bra & some shorts.] ghetto fabulous [o by the way she is not skinny] lol.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

[One of] My Bathing Suit for Summer 09

hello bloggers!!! long time no talk. so today i went shopping with my mom & grandma. my mom was looking for something for church tomorrow & i was looking for something to wear on wednesday. my job [the preschool section] will be going to Land of Make Belive which is like a family type amusement part in upper north jersey. i went when i was lil but of course i dont remember anything about it lol. so i found a new bathing suit which i love o so much lol. i usually get a pink bathing suit but since last year i have been playing with colors. i also have a nail polish the same color but i let my cousin borrow it so i gotta use another color. bye bloggers!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ex-Bestie [lmao]

hey bloggers!!! so im in need of a serious vent [its going to be nice & sweet lol]. so here we go ........

the ex-bestie has been pissing me the f*** off. he is driving me insane. like he says he loves me and he would never hurt me but he ignores me & says things infront of people so that they laugh & my feelings are hurt. one day he is speaking to me the next he doesnt say a word. like wtf for real. so now he has been degraded to an associate. he has passed from bestie, to friend, & now an associate. like i try to be nice & help him out when he needs help but he just taking advantage so its time for him to go. him & his stank a** girl can go kick rocks [by the way this bird hates my guts lmao - she only deals wit me cuz he tell her to lmao]

& thats all for now. hugs & kisses!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV awards & New Moon

hey bloggers!!!! all i can say is life is awesome lately. two weekends of no stop cook-outs & family time. im truly enjoying this summer so far.

so last night i stayed up till about one waiting for the best part of the MTV awards which was of course my boo's Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart. they are part of my obsession which is twilight. so here is the preview which i love & can wait till November to see it lol. This is New Moon Official Trailer.