Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mean Girls of CAMP YDP

hey bloggers!!! so everybody pretty much knows i work with children. i love my job but of course i have people who dont like me [it never fails like every summer]. so me & coworker silvia have formed alittle group. we call ourselves the MEAN GIRLS. of course me & silvia are the leaders. & we have followers too lmao. my boo's sharita & isaiah. they cant stand the chic or the dude either & their life purpose this summer was 2 torture both of them. the chic was almost drowned in the duck pond the kids are forced to swim in, she has had so much happen to her this summer but she still dont understand that the plotting on her [wat a loser]. she thinks everybody loves her but think again little girl [they actually cant stand her but of course she doesnt see that]. they have gonna the dude [my ex bestie] a couple of times & i find it so amusing. so here is a pic of my homegirl silvia [we taking over camp ydp on the DL lmao].




its kinda small but me & silvia eating out with all the coworkers [my head looks so weird & im so dark lmao]

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mina said...

It reminds me of the movie Mean Girls, you know, the one with Lindsey Lohan. But good luck! Lol!