Friday, September 18, 2009

Beyonce is getting sued by Abercrombie!!!

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hey bloggers!!! i feel like i havent been on here in a minute. just been busy with school & work. so here is the latest gossip lol. so every morning i listen to 92.3 FM which is like a Z100 without all the commercials. and i like the people on 92.3 especialy my dude Perez [he is the truth]. so they informed me the other day that Beyonce [fabulous isnt she?!?! lol] is being sued by abercrombie [booo!!! they dont make their clothes for people with butts] because they feel she stole their perfume name. ok beyonce's alter ego is called sasha fierce & she is naming the perfume fierce which is also the name of abercrombie's scent [which stinks. u can smell it when u walk pass the store]. abercrombie feels that people will get the 2 perfumes mixed up [like yea right think again]. most people hate the smell of abercrombie perfume. i heard the company is in debt so you know they trying to get money anyway they can. 1st of all i dont think the case is gonna make it that far & 2nd of all beyonce is freaking rich so she can pay for watever sue they throw at her. abercrombie just needs 2 get a life & stop pumping their perfume in the store's vent so people can breathe when they walk pass the store lol. bye my loves!!!


mina said...

Omg, Aero is being ridiculous! I agree, their perfume smells like shxt!

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

your sidebars are funny the " {{...}} " and u have a [point i be holdin my breath o,d hard when i walk past at gsp