Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hey My Loves

whoaaaa!!!!! hey my loves!!!! idk the last time i was on here lol. life is good a cant complain i mean i could but no ones listening lol [aly & aj: like whoa] so lately my life has been centered around school, work, church, & dance lol. im schedule is non-stop throughout the week [well except for wednesday where i have no class]. im still single. im still goofy. & most of all im still glamorous lol. before school started life was kinda crazy with some crazy weekend hotel nites with the besties that im trying to forget that something actually happen [may i add never again!!!! lol]. so thats it for now i guess lol. i will definitely be back with more stuff so bye my loves!!! stay glamorous!!!

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D. said...

Hello my name is Derrick. Their is a king waiting on you. So be on the look out.