Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tired of being "IT" its time to "CATCH ME"

hey loves!!!! how are you?!?! life has been good lately [well kinda lol] work has been a headache like usual & my social life has been ok but of course there is always one dude to mess it up lol. gotta vent for a minute lol. so im feeling this dude & i have been feeling him for a long time but im think he is not feeling me the same way at all. i wish he would just come out & say it but of course he will not & i will continue to be lost.

im tired of running after him & in return he gives me his ass to kiss so at the end of the day im done chasing him. he got his life & i got my life & its better if they dont even clash. so im tired of chasing someone who i thought was actually worth the chase but at the end of the day you are a jerk just like the rest of them.

its hard to give up the chase when he is everything you want & more but this chic is tired of being "it" & is ready to have someone run after her. come caught me♥

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