Sunday, October 11, 2009

Update on my busy life [uuggghhh]

omg hey my loves!!! idk the last time i posted lol. so im just gonna give some updates for now.....

school has been crazy as usual. i have work due about every day plus field work [which i had to literally squeeze into the cracks within my schedule to get done]. gotta freaking do 35 hrs which is alot especially when you feel like you can never get alot of time done. one awesome event in school was homecoming though. it was so much fun chilling wit my new friends all day & then msu won against willy p of course lol.

dance has been awesome. i have meet some cool girls & dude. we have practice on mondays and tuesday from 8:30 to 10:30. we learn everything from ballet to jazz to swing & much more. we competed in the talent show at homecoming & got 3rd place [of course 2 sorotries & frats won 1st & 2nd lol.] i like mostly everybody but you know some people i just cant stand lol.

work has been so crazy [i think work is usually when my headache starts] my kids are crazy & retarded [like sometimes i seriously wonders wat goes thru their heads.] i wish i had my old group back. like these kids are immature, they tell on each other so much [its to the point of aggravation.] atleast i got a raise before the school year started cuz i definitely deserved it. i always say somebody kids is gonna randomly go missing & be tied up in the closet wit ducktape over their mouth lol.

my friends have been ok. they usually steal me away from my school work before i have nervous break down or something lol. we hit homecoming up yesterday at our high school then bowling & once again i was the only sober one. drunk people & bowling is too fun i swear. i thought i was gonna have to save some people from rolling with their balls.

no boyfriend yet. keep getting thugs hitting me up & stuff [like ewwww think again]. still waiting patiently & definitely staying away from the ex's. lol

until next time bye my loves!!!

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