Monday, October 12, 2009

Vampire Crazy!!! the Vampire Diaries

hey my loves!!! so i have new obsessions for the fall lol.

vampire diaries Pictures, Images and Photos

Vampire Diaries Signature PSP Wallpaper Pictures, Images and Photos

The Vampire Diaries Pictures, Images and Photos

if you havent guess yet my new vampire crazy is Vampire Diaries. it comes on channel 11[CW11] on thursday at 8pm. unfortunately they are not showing re-runs but the show is pretty easy to catch on to. like twilight, this show is a teen book series. pretty much two vampire dudes [Stephen- good brother & Damien-bad brother] like this one human girl [Ellena] & it is replaying from their past event. they both loved a girl [Ellena's ancestor] who in return killed herself b/c she was torn between the brothers. so Ellena has fallen for the good brother, Stephen & the bad brother Damien isnt feeling that. so CW11 has the episodes online so you can check it out there. peace my loves!

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