Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate

hey my loves!!! sorry im so lae as usual lol. well last nite i got the chance to go see Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate. first school was ok then some idiots at work turne everything around to horrible [like people need to get a life & sop worrying about mine] but any whoo we left mad late for the trip [black people are never on time lmao]. it was so packed and crazy in there but thank god we didn lose any kids [while couple of kids & me got lost together but we found everybody]. it was amazing. the skills he skaters have is so awesome. they make me wanna take skating classes lol. the best part was the princess number where all the princess skated wit their prince charming. the new addition is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. the best part of the whole thing is that SHE IS BLACK!!!!! she is the first African American Disney Princess. how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till the movie comes out!!!!!!!

sorry no pics this time. i cant find any!!!!! lol

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