Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

hey my loves!!!! guess wat?!?!?! i finally saw NEW MOON & must i say im truly satisified!!!! i loved every moment of it [even though they didnt put all the parts from the book in it]. so after seeing this movie i have concluded that im TEAM JACOB!!!!!! he truly came & saved the day & bella was stupid for not choosing jacob [age aint nothing but a number lol] of course i heard my favorite song from the soundtrack Anya: Satellite Heart [which i still havent downloaded yet lol] but in all i cant wait till my birthday cuz somebody already said they gonna buy it for me & i also cant wait till Eclipse comes out in the summer i believe!!! so in love wit jacob!!! his abs were awesome & cut perfectly [just sexy lol]

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New Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

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isnt jacob abs just fabulous lol

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