Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Discovering Myself

hey loves!!!!!!! long time no talk lol. my life has been ok. me & my friends are cool again. im talking & chillin with quite a few friends from school. my mom has been on her best behavior & not getting on my last nerves lol. work is crazy like usual but the good news is im on vacation this week!!!! & im enjoying every freakin second of it lol.

so after talking to my buddy tasha she help me to do a self analysis. so the pretty much obvious is that I am a smart, talented, within 2 yrs college graduate, caring, goofy as hell individual. she also mentioned pretty but sometimes i think differently about that subject regarding me lol. but i found my weakness or the evil part of me & thats jealous lmao. like i told tasha last night i am one jealous chic smh but the question that me & her have is "why is a person like me so freakin jealous when i have so much out there for me" im still trying to find an answer to this question about myself smh. but this jealous spirit that i have gotta go cuz it only hinders me & who wants to be with a jealous chic lol so i got something to work on over the summer lol.

peace ♥ love ♥ dance

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