Saturday, November 8, 2008

the 1 & only Ms. T

hey everybody!!!! im so happy i got a blog lol. wat shall my 1st blog be about??? how about the wonderful fantastic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious me!!!!!! lol where do i began i am such a complicated person so serious.

1st off like my about me said im not your typical african american goddess. people usually say i act "white" or watever but i didnt know how a person could act a color??? im just very proper or as my 5th graders would say a girl not a girly girl but just a girl lol. i dont wear the latest fashions or have the freshiest sneaks cuz thats just not me. give me a hoodie, some jeans, a shirt, ballet flats, & a tote i will get out ur way lol.yes i am african american with a touch of jamaican but i also wear makeup. cant leave home without it especially my mascara gotta have my eyelashes lookin sexy with tons of lipgloss. for some reason people tell me im conceited like i dont see it but everybody else does lol.

Personality wise its kinda long & weird lol. I am usually the happiest person you will meet but i have my weeks not days but weeks lol. i love to smile and most people remember me for my smile. i am super goofy and i love to play around. i have the loudest laugh o yea i laugh @ everything. i am super clumsy. i usually drop everything or trip over random stuff that nobody else would lol. the biggest baby you will ever meet i cry about everything.

well i hope you enjoyed reading about me and my goofiness ... o yea i like 2 make up words 2 lol.

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