Sunday, November 30, 2008

i truly hate girls & birds

i havent wrote in awhile but this is something that has been following me since the summer ....

I HATE GIRLS!!!!! especially the jealous birds that exist within my life lol. i just had 2 blurt that out for a quick minute. girls get on my nerves. like the things they do just dont click in my head half the time. i think this is me & my besties motto for life ... WE HATE GIRLS & WE HATE BIRDS especially the birds that live in paterson lol. like they try 2 steal ur men, they talk about you behind your back, they are not happy cuz they dont have what you got. plain & simple they are jealous and will smile in your face like nothing is wrong. but when you turn the corner they cant keep your name out their mouth. but then i say why are you jealous of me??? im not the prettiest girl out there, i make major mistakes, i never had money cuz i always spend it on food, i am so cheap lol ... the list can go on. why must you hate??? let me know lol but you know what its watever.

im gonna keep shining with my payless boots and my glitter make-up from walgreens. i dont need you and your stank opinions. i dont even need you as a friend. you dont have to speak to me. i wont die if you dont i mean come on i have other friends lol. dont smile in my face and then talk about me with other people. dont look me up & down when you look a hot mess yourself. yes i talk & act like a white girl sometimes but i cant help it that im not ghetto & a bird like you. you cant be me and you will never be me if you tried.

like rihanna would say ... Now everybody what you wanna do / Come walk in ma shoes / And see the way I'm livin if you really want to ..... but u know what you would never be able to walk a mile in my shoes so just keep hating cuz in the end everyday when i get up ..... I look in the mirror, And keep on Shinin!!!

yes sweeties!!! this girl is always gonna shine no matter what you do!!!

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