Sunday, December 7, 2008

a l l ~ a l o n e

hey bloggers been going through alot lately with people & school

people are just starting 2 erk me (i think thats how u spell it). i just feel so lefted out sometimes by everybody. but im learning that its watever cuz apparently its not meant for me 2 be with them @ the moment & time. im trying to figure who my friends really are cuz when i really need people & i need some1 to just talk 2 i feel i cant even go 2 any1 anymore. i really just want 2 get away from here but i cant im stuck her until after graduation with all these people lol. like people are trying to avoid me & like make me suffer but my students in my class suffer instead when you ignore me or catch an attitude. thats not cool @ all. yea you may not like me but dont take it out on my kids thats not a cool look in my book. im always tryin to plez people but barely anybody fits into my categories to make me happy. why am i like this??? always been like this & always tryin 2 change this. im tired of plezing people & never being happy cuz of this. :::sigh::: i just need 2 get away cuz people around here are no good 4 my health.

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A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

tamara i feels u and i kno we be on some i hate u ish every other week month , or day but u can come to me . i feel the same exact way right now .. SIGHHSS WHAT COULD IT BE??