Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodbye MSU, Hello Summer 09!!!!

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yayyyy!!!! my summer officially starts today!!!! im so excited b/c me & the besties are gonna definitely live this summer up. GOODBYE MSU HELLO SUMMER 09.[lol] the only concern about school right now is of course my grades which im actually scared to see. i know i got atleast B's in all my major classes [child development 2, individual management, & intro to research] but idk about my stupid gneds [contemporary european history & the development of math]. those gneds were my hardest classes for real. i got all c's on all my test and with my history final i was just lost today. in math im always lost [i use to like math in high school but cant say the same thing now].

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but for now im just gonna live my summer up with no worries for now lol. of course this summer wont be complete without some drama & all of its gonna come from work of course. i can handle anything this summer [you digg lmao]. this jersey girl gonna represent by living at the beach, amusement park, the fair, the mall/ movies & parties of course [your type jersey girl except i dont drink lol] OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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mina said...

Good luck on your class grades! I can't wait for summer either! So excited!