Saturday, May 16, 2009

our adventure to the fashion show

hey bloggers!!! ok so me & the bestie Tash when to a fashion show at our old elementary [Dr. Frederick H. LaGarde Sr. Academy :::long isnt it?? lol] we decided to walk which meant walking from the small suburbs into the heart of the ghetto lol. i live literally a block from the ghetto which is completely weird cuz my block is super quiet & like a small suburb [lol]. so alot when on while walking. we got compliments, almost hit by a couple of cars, alot of random dudes, alot of ghetto birds, & much more. we finally got to the fashion show & it was cute [type upset cuz we definitely didnt have none of that stuff when we were in that school lol]. so my ratings for the fashion show???? CLASSIC [lol] so the walk home was even crazier. cops coming out of everywhere & chasing people wit people fleeing the scene [thats something i definitely do not see everyday], more ghetto birds, random guys yelling "YYYOOOO shawty" or "YYYOOOO shawty wit the blue" & "YYYYOOOO shawty wit the black" & all that good stuff [last time i check none of those words were my name or Tash's name lol]. the good news is that we both are still alive from our walk from the suburbs to the ghetto[lol]. so here is a video that we recorded while walking to the school [lol]. love ya bloggers!!!! ♥

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mina said...

OMG, that is crazy! Lol, crazy birds. Hate the word "shawty" or "shorty". Glad you had fun at that fashion show though!