Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mini vacation to Boston

hey bloggers!!! this jersey girl is definitely back after a restful weekend in boston, mass. [where i will be moving to in the near future] so my cousins & aunts have convinced me of moving there but i gotta wait till i graduate. so i plan to attend grad school in boston [where most likely my mom & grandma will follow] idk about my stepdad [i doubt he will be up for this but its watever] i cant wait to go back to visit. they have already promised me shopping & everybody knows a jersey girl lives 2 shop lol. i just chilled, sleep in late, laugh @ my cousin & aunt while they were drunk & eat more cookout food [can u say the perfect mini get-a-way when your stressed lol]. this mini vacation was just right & i feel well rested [u try working 7:30 to 6 wit a 2hr break wit crazy lil kids lol] bye bloggers!!!!

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mina said...

Boston, awesome girl! Glad you had fun on your mini vaca! Lol!