Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Saga

hey bloggers!!! i finally finished reading the Twilight Saga [written by: Stephenie Meyer.] I started in May and finish today. yayyyy!!!! lol [i know im obsessed]

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this book pretty much introduces you to all the characters. you meet bella & edward, the cullens, jacob, & of course the bad dudes[ one of them die].

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New Moon

the Cullens leave & Bella is a mess. so Jacob is new hero but we also find out that his family tribe are werewolves. they kill one of the bad dudes that was in the first one. Bella starts doing risky stuff & edward thinks she is died so he tried to kill himself with the help of the Volturi [the head vamps]. they inform Edward that Bella needs to be turn over to a vamp or she must die.

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so the bad dudette comes back & tries to kill Bella for killing the bad dude in the first one. the werewolves & vampires team up to fight the newborn vamps & evil dudette [can i also note that werewolves do not like vamps] they kill her & the Volturi show up [reminding them that Bella needs to be turned]

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Breaking Dawn

Bella & Edward get married, have a honeymoon [wwooooaaaahhhh!!!!] then bella gets pregnant lol. the baby is growing very fast & is draining all the strength from bella [breaking bones & everything]. bella begins to drink blood to survive but then its time for the baby to come. bella dies but edward injects her with venom and she is turned. bella is able to control herself which is not common. she had a girl who they name Rennesme [i think i spelled it right lol]. the volturi thinks its an immortal child so they come to kill her only to find out that she is human with vamp character risks [she will not age like normal children, super strength, & she is prefers blood but can eat human food] Hint: this the longest book lol

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mina said...

Breaking Dawn and Eclipse was my favorite!

HiFashion said...

I've never read any of the Twilight books, but thinking maybe I should since everyone's gone crazy about them! xx Leia