Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ex-Bestie [lmao]

hey bloggers!!! so im in need of a serious vent [its going to be nice & sweet lol]. so here we go ........

the ex-bestie has been pissing me the f*** off. he is driving me insane. like he says he loves me and he would never hurt me but he ignores me & says things infront of people so that they laugh & my feelings are hurt. one day he is speaking to me the next he doesnt say a word. like wtf for real. so now he has been degraded to an associate. he has passed from bestie, to friend, & now an associate. like i try to be nice & help him out when he needs help but he just taking advantage so its time for him to go. him & his stank a** girl can go kick rocks [by the way this bird hates my guts lmao - she only deals wit me cuz he tell her to lmao]

& thats all for now. hugs & kisses!!!!

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