Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous

my town is full of ghetto fabulous birds who think they are the ish [when they definitely arent]. so my job went to the land of make believe [a small amusement park geared towards small children] for the day. they have a water park & they are real strict about the dress code in the water area. so a lady with us decides that she wants to go swimming. she buys a pair of shorts & just takes her shirt off & goes on rides with just her bra. the sad part is that she is with her son & her so called boyfriend [he is fine with her walking around in just her bra & some shorts.] ghetto fabulous [o by the way she is not skinny] lol.

1 comment:

mina said...

OMG. Are you so serious? That's so disgusting! They should f kicked her out!!