Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 1 ~ Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend(s),

i love you guys!!!!!! jasmine & kiara you guys are my heart. you have been there for me since high school even though we have some dry areas lol. we have experienced about everything together like literally lol. sometimes we barely talk but we always make sure we meet up to party & have an awesome time. i remember we all became close in sign language where we use to get in trouble almost every day for talking of course. i remember being in african american assembly with jasmine & then prom with kiara. the car rides to montclair with jasmine every wednesday & much more. you guys are everything to me & you are willing to put up wit my crazy behind lol.

i use to have a best friend when i was younger but i see that didnt work out. o well the show goes on with or without you. i thought she was the co-star but instead she was an extra & everyone knows they are not really that important. im still shining even brighter than when were younger. You went away to school & forgot where your true friends were but hey you will learn eventually lol. i still love you tiara but i will never chase after you. if you are not God then you are not worth the chase.

i still believe that there is one more person out there that will be my ultimate best friend so this is to you. i cant wait till the day we meet & everything will be awesome & right. i love my besties but you will be there when they are not. you will probably be there more than them lol.

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