Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 3 ~ Dear Parents

Dear Mom,
you are my everything. you know almost everything about me. you know when im happy, when my skies are grey, or when i just need a bear hug. i think thats something i will always remember about you & that is your bear hugs lol. you have never left me like other people within my life & sometimes i believe you & God are the only people who will never turn their back on me. no matter wat stupid stuff i may do you will always be there beside me, correcting me, & telling me wat to look out for next time. You work so hard & never gave up. you were the mom & dad within my life. you made sure i received the best education & even now you continue to put up with the bs at your job so that i am able to attend MSU. now you are working to help me get a car b/c i deserve to be free & go as i please. you have never missed a show or a performance; you may not be the loud mom cheering me on but you were always the quiet one just sitting there watching & smiling. when i dance, i always picture your face & how proud you are of me. i know sometimes i let you down when i do stupid things regarding my life but you always stand by me. i couldnt ask for a more perfect mom. i wish i could give you the world but for now all i can give you is my heart & i just wanna to let you know that you are my world.

Dear Dad,
Thanks for missing every performance I ever was in. thanks for not attending one game i ever cheered at. thanks for forcing my mom to pay for my elementary school & college tuition b/c you decided you didnt want to take care of me. thanks for making me & my mom stronger & showing us we can provide for ourselves & we dont have to rely on a dude to provide for us. thanks for showing me that most guys within this world are worthless & are a younger version of you. thanks for the happy birthday calls but no money to help my mom out. thanks for everything ... thanks for nothing

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peace, love, dance

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