Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 2 ~ Dear Crush

So i kinda fall behind due to troubling circumstances but in the end i know everythng is going to work out b/c im placing my situation into God's hands. so here is my letter ......

Dear crush,

o how i miss you lol. we havent talked or even chilled in so long but i guess i should have know it will never be anything but a crush. the summer is almost over & you going back to school & im still stuck here in wack paterson going to wack montclair lol. i have had the biggest crush on you since high school & i remember seeing you every morning wishing we would get over the crush stage but we never did i see. i dont crush on just anyone; you have to have something special & sweetie you are truly special lol. you are doing something wit your life, you are hard worker, you are book & street smarts, you are athletic & much more. who wouldnt crush on you lol. but hey you got your groupies at school so you got wat you need but i will always have the biggest crush on you & you already know it lol. love ya buddy!!!

peace, love, & dance

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