Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 4 ~ Dear Siblings

hey loves!!! i have been kinda busy & work has been kicking my butt but im back lol so here i go .....

Dear Jamar & Naomi,
I love you guys. we may be thousands of miles away but i love you guys!!! lol we may have different moms & the same dead beat dad but you guys are still a part of me & will always be a part of my heart. jamar you have become the best dad with your son. you are showing him all the love our dad did not give to us. naomi you have become a beautiful young lady that reminds me of myself so much lol. i wish we lived closer so we could become much closer but hey things happen & people move away but thank God for cellphones & fb lol.

Dear Clarence,
my big lil bro!!! you do some crazy & stupid stuff sometimes but hey you are a part of my heart & i love you! i have lost you too many times to your stupid actions but i think you are finally on the right track. i just wish there was still another way b/c of all the trouble in the world right now but im still proud of you. you are a marine hoping to one day fight for our country. i just fear that i might lose you. i remember crying so hard when you left for training b/c i know you were in it for good. but i know God has you wrapped in his arms & i hope everything works out for your good.

peace, love, dance

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