Wednesday, December 17, 2008


okey dokey so my buddy [{Tash}] tagged me like 50 years ago & im just getting 2 it lmao
1. Where is your cell phone?to the left of me
2. Where is your significant other? idk we havent talked in awhile
3. Your hair color?brown/black
4. Your mother?the lady of my life ... she slaving away @ work
5. Your father?idk & really could care less lol
6. Your favorite thing?food, dance, my family, & my students
7. Your dream last night? idk dont remember
8. Your dream/goal? to finally find happiness cuz Lord knows i havent found it yet
9. The room you're in? mine
10. Your hobby? dancing, working with kids, living on the computer
11. Your fear? 2 b alone
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? out of skool, starting my career as well as my family
13. Where were you last night? @ work then home
14. What you're not? im not happy right now, im not brave
15. One of your wish-list items? t-mobile gravity
16. Where you grew up? p-town lol
17. The last thing you did? turn the tv to the history channel
18.What are you wearing?tank top & bermuda sweats
19. Your TV? Mega Disasters on the History Channel
20. Your pet? chiwawa ... idk how 2 spell it ... the taco bell dog but a fat version
21. Your computer? on my bed right now
23. Missing someone? yea but i bet he not missing me
24. Your car? in the car lot waiting for me
25. Something you're not wearing?warm clothes lol
26. Favorite store? idk i love so many stores
27. Your summer? was crazy!!!!
28. Love someone? yea
29. Your favorite color? blue & pink
30. When is the last time you laughed?last yesterday cuz wes is funny as hell
31. Last time you cried? yesterday
32. Are you a bitch? i dont think so
33. Favorite Position? missionary baby lol
34. Favorite Past Time? cheerleading & dance
35. Are you a hater or a lover?lover sweetie
37. Are you genuine or fake? genuine but i have my fake moments
38. Any Vices?idk wat the means lol
39. Pro Life or Wire Hanger? pro-life
40. McCAIN or OBAMA? Obama.
41. Pro Plastic or Natural?natural
42. Dream Job? idk im gonna be teacher & one day help tons of children reach their highest goals so i guess thats my dream job
dont hae any followers other than the person who tagged me so see you soon lol

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