Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wack, Wack, Wack Christmas lol

well im kinda late but lets talking about christmas lol. not so great as planned actually completely wack & im hoping next year is ten times better. the day before i went into serious depression because alot things have been going on in my life. but im slowly learning that i have to let God hang all my worries & concerns. i only got 125 dollars, with like mad little accessories & stuff. my stepbrother didnt come home b/c he supposely went into the marines early but that was just a lie his evil mother had mad up which was so not cool. can u say bird & half lmao. so christmas was officially wack lol.


then friday i had my jobs christmas party/dinner/ secret santa. fun but wack @ the same time. ms maria of course stuffed us on this lil special ed bus & i was squished as hell plus hot. so i just blasted my headphones with rock music & called it a day. then we pulled for secret santa & i had my good ole pal silvia so we just went to victoris secret & bought mad stuff lol. then we went 2 old navy & bought some more stuff but for her secret santa & i bought a hoodie for my wesley. then we sat & ate dinner which wasnt all that good lol. we ate @ the outback which wasnt all that good i prefer red lobsters lol. so then we started presenting & then left & then i had 2 ride home on retard bus by myself lmao. cute boys walking down the street me getting off the small bus so not kool not @ all lol.


so thats how my christmas went. so boring so not kool. so wack. hopefully this week is ten times better being that i have work all day which means trips, trips, & more trips lol. i hope you go skating that would be so much fun lol. i will keep you updated my loves!!!!♥

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