Thursday, January 1, 2009


so this blog is gonna be kinda long lol. lets see????hmmmmm??? im gonna give you a review of my 08 & my goals for 09.

well 08 was not so great as i planned you feel me. the year started of pretty good. i had skool to worry about & church & thats about it. then i met kideem & wes & i fell for wes 1st but i chose kideem. still wondering if that was a good or bad thing. kideem drove me crazy @ home wes drove me crazy @ work lol. then the summer started & everything went down hill from there. i got so sick this summer i had to go to the hospital then me & my mom got into it alot this summer. she didnt want to help me @ all. so much drama on the job. everybody hated me b/c of wes lol. i never had so many haterz in my life its not even funny. i had 2 big fat ugly as hell haterz & then a crazy stalker type hater all were ghetto lived in the ghetto sounded ghetto & i hate ghetto period so i was stuck completely. then the fall came & work got better cuz all the haterz but one left but me & kideem got worst. i didnt trust him so we broke up. then i broke some1 heart & that shit hurt me & i know he was hurt as hell. skool was stressful as hell last semester. some good news i took part in history by helping to elect the 1st african american president. we finally did it!!!! yayyyyyy!!!!!!!! some more good news i started driving!!!!!! the only reason b/c my grandma had 2 have knee surgery so i had 2 start driving 2 skool. God brought her thru fine & she speeding around the house with her walker about 2 run over everybody toes lol. me & kideem started talking again but i guess we still friends. my family had an excellent family dinner this year & i love them so much. there was way more stuff going on but that was the really major stuff.

so forget the past its time for the future!!!!!!!!!!!! i plan 2 make this year ten times better. some new year resolutions that i thought hard about that i hope to accomplish in some type of way.

♥ to get closer with God

♥ to become more fashionable & accurately care about what im wearing lol

♥ to live my life 2 the fulfills & tryin 2 not stay in the house all the time

♥ to worry about me & everybody else comes 2nd (sounds conceited right??? i guess i will just have 2 be conceited then)

♥ to get closer with my immediate family

♥ to work harder in skool & try 2 actually join something within this year lol

♥ to love & appreciate my friends

♥ to stay away from drama & keep the haterz @ bay lol

♥ when i think of some more im definitely gonna put them lol

alot of people help me this year & alot of people came into my life. of course i lost some people but these are my main amigas & amigos lol

♥tiara, tasha, jasmine, kiara, wes, shante, silvia, kideem, kiki, clarence♥

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A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

i feel type special im mentioned.. and this yr shall be great i hope for BOTH of us