Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brokenhearted .......

Brandy - Brokenhearted - Brandy

ok so im pretty much brokenhearted. me & my ex are officially done this time. i guess it hurts cuz i really was feeling this boy but he doesnt believe me. he thinks all i do is cheat but the ironic things is when i did what i did we werent together. me & him wasnt talking but yet i am still wrong. maybe i am but he is blaming everything on me. he blames me i blame him we get nowhere. we probably now wont say anything to each other at all for a long time maybe forever. he is gonna move on & im still gonna be brokenhearted. idk what to do. all i could do early was go in the bathroom & cry. mascara running down my cheeks & my tissue turning black from me wiping my cheeks. i really loved this boy but he doesnt believe me & i think thats the part that hurts me the most. i wanted to spend my life with him but he didnt believe mw. he never believed. & im getting all sad again. i guess another night of crying myself to sleep. till we meet again peace & much love bloggers.

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briit said...

damn. the song. definitely reminded me of my po lil situation. damn we purdy much in the same boat. [[the mending stage]]. just gotta keep positive i guess. which means no crying mahmah. kay! dont have much advice seeing how im going through similar bullshiit. i just wish u & urs happiness. wherever or whatever that may be. keep that head up gurlie.