Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i love my kids♥

ok im dedicating this blog 2 my students who i consider my children. we are real close even though we only spend 3 hours a day together. most people know that i spend most of my time @ this place & i barely get paid anything for the time i put in. all i worry about is the safety & growth of my children & God will supply all my other needs. so i have about 10 children on a regular. i have more but they barely come 2 the program. i treat my kids like my friends but they also know when to listen to Ms. Tamara or Ms. T as many of them call me lol. I have my own group @ this point idk how long it will last or if they are gonna move me back to my old group as an assistant teacher. it is alot of work being a head teacher but i wont trade it for any other job. so here are some videos & random pics from throughout the skool year so far. i think the pics start around christmas but here they are.

GROUP 5 & random other kids lol of CAMP YDP ... i love these kids lol


some of my dancers & steppers from a show


my crew


some of us in nyc


@ the NBA store


chillin in the computer room

ok so here are some videos of my kids ... the first is some of my kids in the computer room doing twister moves [excuse me laughing very loudly in the camera lol]

ok so here is my praise dance i made up for christmas with some of the kids ... its not my best but its still good lol

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briit said...

awwh.they're so cute.