Monday, January 5, 2009

I Hate This Part Right Here

so this is mood for half of the day ... blog kinda long & just keeps going & going lol

ok so 2day was my ideal way of starting off the week. i woke up feeling pretty good kinda tired but good. so me & slay started having a conversation & we get on the topic of boos. mind u we dont go out i dont think. so he asks do i have a boo & i go yea you. he write ok so then i go do you have a boo he goes maybe lmao sike nah. im like yes u do & she probably be in your dorm room every night & he says if that what u want to believe so i go yea thats what i want to believe. so he goes ok bye ... im like bye??? he goes bye like im done talking. so i go ok then he text back eace u n wesley hope yall have a nice life. {like wtf where the heck this come from} im like its 2 ealry 2 be starting & he like im starting anything im done. so i said you really done with me alright its watever he like ok. i then text ok have a nice life & i should have seen it coming i know you were actng different. he goes wat u talking about how im acting different {all that extra b.s.} im like you treat me like im the extra chick. he goes i gave you everything {no u didnt} i never had 2 pay for anything { cuz we never went out on date or any extra stuff} i dont asking a girl 2 have my baby lightly & 2 met my mom but im acting different. i put ok then he goes i think you the perfect match for me & u broke up wit me in the 1st place {yes i did cuz i felt like u was acting like a hoe again}. he goes i never gave you a reason not 2 trust me then i go you stay on campus thats enough right there. then starts talking about my facebook & my myspace {has some1 send me messages in my honesty box & stuff like we still in high skool then he got the nerve not 2 tell me who it is}. then he like i got reasons not 2 trust u & then he starts with the whole wesley issue so i explain that me & him wasnt 2gether when i was messing wit my bestie wesley u feel me. so he goes if i had a girl in my dorm i could use that as an excuse so i go i wouldnt have cared cuz we werent 2gether. he goes i never stopped caring im like yes u did u said it in ur facebook status that u wish u never meet then he gets into the whole he dont remember saying that but he probably did.

so i talked my close buddy tasha & she helped me with this aggravating 2 early in freakin morning issue. so after me & her talked i apologized 2 him {y i did it 1st b/c he 2 bold 2 it 1st} so then he apologize & we havent talked since then.

maybe my buddy tasha is right that im not ready 4 a bf yet or @least i dont wanna be with him anymore. idk gotta definitely pray on it. he is leaving i think wednesday 4 skool so maybe we need time apart cuz he gonna be doing his pledging thing so he not gonna have time 4 me this semester.idk time will tell if anything will ever happen & improve between us.

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You are an inspiration, with those kids. Keep up the good work.

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