Wednesday, January 28, 2009

next door 2 happiness lives sorrow

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hello bloggers!!! it has been awhile but so much has happened you see.

me & kideem were @ it once again. He said he wanted 2 be friends with me & thats not where my heart was. So went on again got close but slowly started to part again. So me & him went a couple of days without speaking but i say his status on facebook & he was thinking about some other chic. of course i hit him up but he didnt respond like usual. so then his status turn 2 piss & im like wats up he like im going thru alot so i said do u want 2 talk about it & he goes no. He never wants 2 talk about stuff with me but yea im suppose 2 b his girl. so i asked him r u talking 2 some1 if so why wont u just tell me 2 leave. he gets mad & says if thats how u feel then bye. idk how many times he has told me bye & that was the end of our relationship. so im crying 2 my besties tasha, wes, & my cousin aria & they like girl how many times we gotta tell u 2 leave him alone. He finally set in cuz i was definitely tired of crying you feel me??? lol so i stop hitting him up then its the day before his b-day & he trying 2 figure out y we havent talked in awhile so we decided we need 2 talk. so his b-day pass & finally we talk. now he like wat r we im like friends & i can tell his md as changed. he really thought that i was gonna keep coming back 2 him. i cry myself 2 sleep while he parties & takes pics wit girls bent over infront of him thats crazy & i was just tired. i can tell our friendship has flown out the window down stories of windows & lay died on the sidewalk. i wont be surprise if his relationship on facebook change cuz he pobabl got a girl down there anyway lol. but thats the past & its time for the future & its looking real bright.

ok so i have figured out that next door 2 happiness lives sorrow. (yes these are the lyrics from gotham city by r kelly lol) you see when i was down all my friends were up. now im up & the people i talk 2 all the time r down. you see my besties since elementary tasha is going thru. we may fight most of the time & not agree on stuff half the time but i still hate 2 see her hurt. u see this chich is strong as hell & 2 her say that crazy shit (excuse my language) i know she was @ her lowest. so not kool 2 the person who put her there. then my bestie wes from job was right there 4 me when i was going thru threatening me like usual but last night i never heard him so down. something about liars which i know is his pet peeve. i try 2 encourage him but of course he always say "i dont care"!!! i think thats his fav word so serious lol. but all i can tell them is 2 keep ur head up & just keep pressing. it cant rain forever..........

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