Sunday, April 12, 2009

Being Single♥

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ok so as the banner says i am single & i've been single for a good minute lol. when im in school i prefer to be single being that i need to focus on my school work & not on my bf & what he doing or watever. but the summer is rolling around & i think my heart is ready to go. yes i need to do some maturing still lol but i will get there [eventually].

the thing is, i look @ alot of my friend's relationships & sometimes they completely turn me away from being in love lol. i mean no relationship is perfect and you are not suppose to think that but sometimes i be like damn she really love him & he straight up bugging. its crazy!!!! so the guy with @least some of the characteristics i love will eventually come my way. I will find him or maybe he will find me & i dont need any help!!! lol

where are all the good guys?!?! like come on!!! lol the ones around are definitely not catching my attention b/c i get bored quit easy. we started talking on some friend stuff & im bored already lol. come on boys it takes alot to please this glamorous chic lol

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(vixenchick) said...

all the good guys are taken, married, or gay. : (