Sunday, April 26, 2009

hey i got tagged!!! lol

So my buddy ole pal Tash tagged me!! so here we go!!!

8 Things I look forward to:
1)the end of school cuz thats when my freedom starts!!!
2)chilling with the sexiest chics in the world [Tash & Tyson]
3)getting a make-up over before the summer fully rolls in lol
4)finding summer love!!!
5)church retreat @ the end of may
6)family vacation in june
7)the beach [im such a true jersey girl]
8)my cousin & other half babies lol

8 Things I did yesterday
1)woke up in perfect health
2)got dress & was looking type sexy & glamorous
3)ate food [the best part of the day]
4)walked in the wonderful weather w/ the sun kissing my lovely brown skin lmao
5)doing activities wit the youth at church
6)worked out with my cousins [burning some fat off lmao]
7)doing my stupid math paper
8)watched twilight

8 Shows I watch:
1)Spongebob [Nick]
2)Fairy oddparents [Nick]
3)mtv when they playing the videos in the morning [i forgot wat the show called lol]
4)Mega Disasters [History channel]
5)Naked Science [Science channel]
6)Inuyasha [Cartoon Network]
7)Captain Planet [Boomerrang]
8)Hannah Montana

ok so i have to tag 8 people so here i go lol
&love, brit
the life of ivory c davis
alien aphrodisiacs
then and again

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Sentrell said...

Thanks for the birthday love and the tag :)