Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend fun when I should have been studying

ok so i definitely enjoyed my weekend. on friday @ first my students were truly getting on my nerves but after awhile i started to enjoy myself. i cant stay mad at them for too long lol. then friday night i went out wit the bestie tash to help support her musician boo & thats when i meet his friend. he is a cool dude but idk lol. then saturday i went to do my income tax & some how i owe money to the irs like wtf. first i dont even make that much to start wit so how i owe money. stupid government always trying to take someones money lol. then i came home did my laundry then went to this youth thing @ my church which was fun as usual. after that i spent the night with my besties jasmine & kiara at the mall trying to find some shawties but of course most of them were pre-teens or high school kids lol. of course i spent most of my time today in church especially since it was communion. then i told myself i will stay home, finish my paper, & study. but did i??? of course the responds to that question is a big NO lol. went to my aunt cookout and just chilled @ her house playing kick ball & stuff. so now im trying to finish my paper & study for my big histoy test which im probably gonna get another C on but im really shooting for an A lol we will see. love ya bloggers!!!!

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