Friday, April 3, 2009

My Thursday & Friday

well yesterday was an idk mixed feeling day lol. the morning i was suppose 2 go get coffee with my bestie but once again he forgot which is a sign that he doesnt wanna do it anymore which is fine by me. instead i finally when back to the gym & i got a good workout in. legs & stomach were definitely burning but it felt good. it felt like the fat was burning away lol. im gonna try to work out every week @least once so i can stay in shape. dont really need to lose weigh but just stay in shape.

then we had a staff meeting last night. it wasnt your typical sit in a circle talk about things happening @ our job. it was more like go to ms illen[however you spell her name] house to put with her animals at the dinner table & her stupid attitude. all i have to say is never again, never again lol. the food was good but it was definitely organic which of course is not sitting right with my stomach right about now. didnt get home till like 10 which is so past my bed time lol.

so im sitting in my bed looking a hot mess just listening to music and the rain falling outside. the weather was so sexy yesterday & now its raining which means i will be soaking wet by time i get to work lol. work is gonna be fun cuz we having GIRL DAY!!! NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!! to celebrate women's history month, which means i get to wear my favorite color which is pink!!! got plans for the night with the bestie Tash to see her boo ivory. cant wait for that!!! im gonna have dope day lol


mina said...

I hope you do have a "dope day". lol =D

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

Heyyy I love these shoutouts u be givin me and the iv.. And yess ya day will be dope .