Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy birthday to me♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! lol yes God has blessed me to see 20 yrs. today was awesome for real. i went to class this morning & we just peer-reviewed from like a hour then she let us go. so i left school & went to work. [i did have a 1 o'clock class but it was watever lol] when i got to work the kids sung happy birthday to me & i felt so special lol. then we went skating & that was super fun. i didnt fall which was super awesome [i did run into acoupel of kids but my butt didnt touch the floor]. then we went to the mall which was ok. i had no money so i didnt buy anything. on the way back i kept messing with brayan & wes [especially wes by trying 2 get one of the students to hug him]. then i got home to find out i have left-over for dinner but it was ok cuz they promise they gonna take me out another day which is still cool. b-day fun doesnt stop there on thursday im going out with the besties tash & tiara to literally party the night away [cant wait!!!!]

of course there was one person who forgot it was all about me lol [i sound so conceited] but that lil girl is whatever cuz im still shining! [haha] lol but i would like to thank everybody for the love!!!!♥

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Notion said...

nice blog and happy belated birthday