Monday, April 13, 2009

Early Birthday♥

hello bloggers!!! tomorrow is my b-day!!!!

today kinda took forever & its was killing me. 2day i figured out that i have an C average in my contemporary european history class which sucks. i hate C's i only like A's & B's lol. today i didnt have to go to work so that was awesome. Paterson school district is on spring break which means my job went on a trip while i was at school. so they texted me like i dont need 2 come in & i was souped lol. then i got my new phone!!!!! the t-mobile gravity [ the aqua & white color] & i love it. cant wait to use!! lol b-day is starting off good!!! thank God for blessing me to see another one. tomorrow i will be 20 years old.♥

so here is my new phone [pics kinda blurry]



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